Let’s talk about money…

How do other families do it? My husband has a good job–a great job, some would argue. I’m a stay at home mom. I talk about getting back into the workforce when both kids are in school, but that’s still 3 years away. I used to have an Etsy shop that did well. I still have it, but my doctors have told me to keep it on pause until I’m better. So how do other families stay afloat? Between student loans, medical bills & our mortgage, it’s so stressful. And in all seriousness, our mortgage is the least stressful. Our student loans cost more a month than our mortgage. And our medical costs, between my son’s bills & mine, aren’t too far behind. I’ve read every money management site possible, explaining enthusiastically, how we can improve our budgeting skills. I don’t know about everyone else, but these sites only add more stress. When I had my Etsy shop open things were a little easier. I wasn’t making $10,000 a month with it, but I was making a good supplemental income. Now that that’s off the table for the time being, I’m back to zero. I’m so tired of being stressed about money–I know it’s my biggest stressor. And then I stress about my stress. Money always has been really the most frustrating, but I can’t work & raise the kids at the same time. Plus, with how long I’ve been out of the workforce, my degree isn’t worth anything. So, even if I were to get a job, we’d be spending more money on childcare than I would potentially be making. Ugh.

Oh, well–even with all of this, I can’t complain. These are just some thoughts while waiting at the doctor’s office…


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