A big problem with healthcare in this country…

Isn’t it crazy that life would be so much easier if my husband & I divorced?

Hear me out–we are considered to have excellent healthcare, so everyone keeps telling us. But in order for us to continue having excellent healthcare, my husband has to pay about $1800 a month through his employer. That’s $1800 a month out of his pay, right off the bat. Now I know we’re not the only ones who have to deal with this. And it’s INSANE. Because then when you factor in co-pays, deductibles, prescriptions–our monthly medical expenses exceed $2500 a month. $2500 a month–and that’s not going to end anytime soon. If anything, the costs will rise. My son has ADHD & autism and requires special care, plus I have an autoimmune disorder that causes chronic conditions. How is this sustainable? Because I’m not so sure that it is. When we then factor other important bills such as the mortgage, student loans, cars… seriously, this is why I’m so stressed.

If my husband & I divorced, I would be able to get Medicaid. I don’t work and I have ankylosing spondylitis–something I could technically collect disability for, but I am hoping to work again someday. Now I know, with the Healthy Indiana Plan, all of my expenses would cost me almost zero dollars. Then my husband would only have to pay for him & the kids through work and that would save about $800 a month. But in truth, it would actually save us about $1100, because of the lack of co-pays & deductibles that I would have to pay. Those who are single at my husband’s office only pay $90 a month. It goes from $90 for singles to $1800 for families… and they wonder why people my age are having less kids. Between our student loan debt and healthcare, where do you get money for living?

Healthcare in this country is an absolute joke. A perfect example: a family member on Medicaid paid zero dollars to deliver her baby–at the same hospital, only months apart, it cost my husband & I $4500 out of pocket when our daughter was born. How can people justify that? We shouldn’t be “punished” for having kids with astronomical medical bills. We all SHOULD have Medicaid/Medicare. If we didn’t have to pay so much out of pocket for healthcare, just think how much happier everyone would be. People would be able to see the doctors they need to see without having to worry about going bankrupt. People would be able to get the care they need for everything. And mental healthcare? Seriously, we’d have a lot less grumpy people that’s for sure. We shouldn’t attack the poor for having Medicaid, calling them undeserving & whatever other words that are usually thrown at those receiving it. Instead, we need to ask ourselves AND our congressman why ALL OF US aren’t deserving to have affordable healthcare.

My husband was born in Canada & is a dual citizen. It is tempting sometimes to just pack up everything and head to Canada. If it weren’t for the fact that I was so close with my family, we probably would. Life would definitely be a lot easier.


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