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My review for the LG A9 CordZero Ultimate…

I was asked to become an Insider a few months ago to test new products & write reviews. I’m not really a blogger who constantly writes reviews, but when I was given the opportunity to test a new vacuum, well… let’s just say this mom loves vacuums! And because I love them so much & […]


New Year, New Plans…

It’s been months & months since I last posted anything. Lots has been going on! We’re 3 months in to my son’s ABA therapy. It’s been a big adjustment. And every time we feel we’ve gotten used to it, one of the PARAs quit, so then we have to start all over again with a […]


Letting our kids grow up…

My son started kindergarten today. I’m both happy for him and heartbroken, scared, etc. My husband & I met with his teacher, the school psychologist & principal yesterday to go over what the plan is for him and the evaluation for an IEP. He’s in a great school & they all seemed like they know […]